A range of lectures offer the opportunity to get a deeper look into the innovative world of additive manufacturing at the Montanuniversitaet Leoben.

Depending on the fields of study at our university, some of those lectures are mandatory according to their respective curricula, while most are ideally suited as optional courses for Bachelor’s- Master’s- and PhD-students. In any case, building on the distinguished education at MUL, these lectures cover an in depth focus on AM-materials, common pre- and post-processing procedures along with different state-of-the-art AM processes and characterization methods. Therefore, they offer an excellent and field of study-independent opportunity to broaden the understanding of this cutting-edge technology and its possibilities.

The following selection of offered lectures covers every facet of additive manufacturing and conveys knowledge – from general information to exceptionally specific details – and therefore allows students to thoroughly comprehend all aspects of AM.

The Montanuniversitaet offers many lectures and courses for the degree programmes. Find the list of the current courses below.

Fundamentals of rapidly coded solidification processes in welding and added manufacturing

Lecturer: LI, Jiehua; Walzl Alexanden, Sommer Semster 2023, No. 330.004, English and German, In-class Teaching 

Additive Fertigung

Lecturer: Jürgen Eckert, Winter Semester, No. 430.001; 430.003, German, In-class Teaching

Additive Manufacturing with Polymers

Lecturer: Damir Godec, Clemens Holzer, Ivan Raguz, Winter Semester, No. 350.650, English, In-class Teaching

Laboratory Course for Additive Manufacturing with Polymers

Lecturer: Thomas Grießer, Lukas Henschl, Clemens Holzer, Ivan Raguz, Winter Semester, No.350.659, English, Lab 

Werkstoffe für die Additive Fertigung

Lecturer: Christian Kukla, Tanja Lube, Gerald Ressl, Winter Semester, No. 420.130, German, In-class Teaching

Vertiefung in der additiven Fertigung

Lecturer: Jürgen Eckert, Tanja Lube, Summer Semester, No. 430.002, German, In-class Teaching

Umform- und additive Fertigungstechniken für Metalle

Lecturer: Martin Stockinger, Alexander Walzl, Summer Semester, No. 560.000, German, In-class Teaching

Erstarrungsvorgänge und Phasenumwandlungen

Lecturer: Jürgen Eckert, Summer Semster, No. 430.027, German, In-class Teaching

Metastabile Werkstoffe

Lecturer: Jürgen Eckert, Florian Spieckermann, Summer Semester, No. 430.053, German, In-class Teaching


Lecturer: Margit Lang, Summer Semester, No. 250.018, German, In-class Teaching